Sitemap - 2015 - Jeannette’s Newsletter

the grand re-configuration plan - an update of sorts

and now for something completely different...

Scents from exotic lands [Exotic Tastes, Ecological Sensibility]

more beans and a mystery

Results from the tuber triad experiment

Meddling with medlars

When the gardener can’t garden


Arachnophobes beware!

people as palimpsests and other geeky things

The things I did to quince

wildlife in the food forest

'The Hands-On Home' book review

The Dried Bean Round-up

pink and purple potatoes with some math

Plant Profile - Irish Poet Tassel Flower

Check out my melons...

Pintos, orcas and tigers - oh my!

Revenge on the Wasps

Introducing Licorice and Stout

What is wilderness? or a world in a bubble

Space salad

connections through noodles

Things to do with chives plus a surprise

Waking to a martian sky

purple puff-balls and their pollinators

some inspiring local gardens

This year's beans

New world beans

Old world beans

early strawberries

A handful of beans

Pretty and useful

some help in the garden

Eating down the larder

Where I use my day job for crop planning

Challenges of seed saving in a small garden

my imperfect world

Garden on the first of April (no fooling)

The last two...

Smart Permaculture Design

On the hunt for ideas

what's for dinner

Re-creating wilderness

some brassica appreciation

Book Review – Rambunctious Garden

Let loose the puce

taste testing

Making a Food Forest - step 1 complete

Stolen Peas – how my garden quantification project came undone

Introducing the chicken-coop fly

Backyard Jewels

An Inspiring Garden

a sample winter harvest

The Resilient Gardener - book review

The 2014 Harvest